Mass Notification with Response 2023

CY 2023 is halfway completed, and this is a chance to refresh the conversation regarding Public Safety, in the domain of mass notification and response systems and support.  First and foremost, we recognize that myriads of electronic and aural systems are now present in the topology of Public Safety and emergency and routine notification systems.  However, as anyone that knows our practice at FSPS, it’s really all about the desired “response” being activated or informed.  This conversation will focus on […]

Plans for 2023

FSPS has been engaged over the last couple of years in a wide cross-section of systems integration, performance analysis, and federal credentialing activities. An awareness of rapidly evolving computing and transmitting of video and audio mediums prompted us to Trademark and Register IMMERSIVE® Media Services.  This aspect of providing top tier visual and audio systems services will be applied to our federal and developing commercial accounts.  I hope this conversation will stimulate some discussion of where the convergence of processing […]

DoD Credentialing Process

What is the purpose of the DoD Credentialing Process? The DoD’s purpose is to direct and maintain life cycle oversight of products, applications, or services that have completed NIST standards for Interoperability (IO) and Cyber Security {formerly Information Assurance (IA)} certification. Ultimately products and services that fulfill the acquiring Department’s needs can be directed to be certified, rated, or approved for use within the DoD and supporting agencies. Whether your solution is offered directly or through a subcontractor to the […]